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Last update: June 2013
Comedy is dead, but...

Oh, hello there. You've found us. Jolly good. There's wine and cheese over there if you want some.

UPDATE 27/06/13: Another great big whack of Monkees Head shooting script dissection, starting right here. Also features unpublished photos and some interesting audio/video clips.

Also, for your ears only, try our new PODCAA section for some amusing audio discussions.

Apologies for the downtime, folks. Easy Internet Solutions have now officially changed their name to Bollocks Internet Solutions and can shove their servers up their arse sideways. Huge thanks to Matt Lee for his generosity in hosting the whole mess once again. We've lost the blog and forum but something approaching them will return at some point.

As ever, business as usual. COMMENT covers our furious overview of the comedy scene; ARCHIVE REVIEW features a look back at key moments in comedy history; HIDDEN ARCHIVE brings you interesting information about never-broadcast material; EDIT NEWS takes a look at snips, cuts, tucks and censorship.

As always, we heartily welcome feedback, corrections, suggestions and all. Thanks go out to anyone who's ever supported our efforts over the past nine years. The rest of you know where to go. In fact, no doubt you're already there - watching Ricky Gervais's Derek and idly wondering why we have a Tory government.

Champniss and Scott
Some of the Corpses are Amusing, March 2013