First published March 2000
Edit News
Okay, now... Clearly, the idea of updating, correcting and reformatting the entire sprawling mass of pages which constituted the original 'Edit News' is something that even a madman would baulk at.

So, for the first stage of this revamped platform we'll only be pasting in entries if the information is still relevant, interesting, linked to from other articles... or makes us laugh. The ultimate plan is to correct all the old stuff and slowly migrate it over here. Just, y'know, don't hold us to it.

For those who fancy bathing in all the old out-of-date, uncorrected stuff from 2000 - 2001, just click on the History link to your left, which will take you to an archive of the original site in something approaching its original format.

200 Motels on DVD
Frank Zappa's 1971 film ruined for the small screen.

Channel 4's stupendously under-appreciated masterpiece (1989-93)

The Chris Morris Music Show - 'Millennium'
A look at the various script-drafts which yielded a fantastic 'off the cuff' discussion...

The Jack Docherty Show
A chat show for people who like Jack Docherty, but don't want to watch something really good...

The Mary Whitehouse Experience
Superb radio series (1989-90), followed by tepid TV adaptation (1990-92)

The Monkees: Head
An ongoing project, dissecting the Monkees' 1968 movie - with original screenplay stuff, press packs, the lot
The SOTCAA Monty Python Pages
We'll probably give it a complete overhaul by the time of the next anniversary. Until then, here's the old version...
Monty Python's Previous Record... With Bells On
A detailed look through some of Alan Bailey's archived paperwork.

Newman and Baddiel In Pieces
Enjoyable 1993 sketch/stand-up vehicle for David Baddiel and Rob Newman.

P.O.V - Warring Factions
The Peep Show pilot script, by Armstrong and Bain