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200 Motels on DVD
April 2010
March 2000
The Jack Docherty Show
March 2000
The Chris Morris Music Show - 'Millennium'
never previously published
The Mary Whitehouse Experience
March 2000
The Monkees: Head
December 2008
The SOTCAA Monty Python Pages
October 2003
Monty Python's Previous Record... With Bells On
July 2008
Newman and Baddiel In Pieces
July 2008

 Archive Review: Absolutely
'This sketch is, without fear of hyperbole, one of the finest pieces of television comedy ever broadcast, and demonstrates Docherty's genius not simply as a comic actor, but as a big-ballsed, paid-up, thrusting, demonic comedy performer in a league of most comedians aren't even aware.'
 Comment: Get Funny Fanny
''Ooh! Gay Simon Has Bash At Our Bushell' The Sun jeered the following day, referring to Fanshawe's 'tantrum'. The ever-charming Bushell had this to add: 'If his chat-up lines are as bad as his gags, no wonder he's a woofter.''
 Hidden Archive: Cluub Zarathustra
'Being an expensive show to mount, the participants had to do proper TV work to pay for its existence in the first place. The comedy world they attempted to rally against had finally thwarted them. '