First published March 2000
Hidden Archive
This is the bit of the site where we bring you details of the cream of the comedy which, for one reason or another, you will never get to experience.

This will include unbroadcast pilots of shows we know well, unreleased LPs of material not deemed worthy of the marketplace, rough-cut videos of rushes, sessions or private industry tomfoolery, rejected scripts and so on. In other words, the necessary by-products of comedy, rescued from the archives and dissected.

Throughout the following we'll be asking the question 'Is the comedy which is turned down, abandoned or shelved any better than the stuff that actually filters through the media?'. And the answer is, obviously, 'Well, yeah, sometimes...'.

Absolutely - pilot show
They can't just conjur up twenty five grand out of nowhere y'know!

Back To Normal With Eddie Monsoon
One instance where The Comic Strip weren't permitted to Present...

The Black Adder - Pilot Show
History has known many great liars. Those who chronicle comedy shows are the worst offenders.
Christmas Tapes
A sneaky look at the seedy underside of bearded engineers' humour...

Cluub Zarathustra
A look back at an Avalon pilot for Channel 4 which fell by the wayside...

It's Only TV
A Talkback pilot featuring Angus Deayton, Nick Hancock, Tony Hawks and... Chris Morris??

Panorama: The Mescaline Experiment
Christopher Mayhew is lead astray by a rebellious schoolfriend...

The Twelve Ronnies
Kevin Eldon and Tony Roche's unheard bit of whimsy for Radio 4