Full Contents:
Absolutely - the pilot
July 2008
Back To Normal With Eddie Monsoon
February 2005
The Black Adder - pilot show
March 2000
Christmas Tapes
December 2000
Cluub Zarathustra - C4 Pilot
May 2000
It's Only TV - pilot show
March 2000
Panorama: The Mescaline Experiment
February 2005
The Twelve Ronnies - Radio 4 Pilot
May 2000

 Comment: Sit-Trag
'They know that 'hero status' is no longer made to last, which is perhaps why there's such a frantic rush these days to define something half-good as a 'classic'. Just another artificial feel-good device designed so that everyone can be 'part of the moment' before the whole thing starts to deflate and fly haphazardly around the room.'
 Edit News: The Chris Morris Show
'No "frogspawn up their fannies" here, but reference to the 90 year olds having their wombs put back in ("any old womb - camels, frogs")'
 Archive Review: Mosely Song
'Buried somewhere in the backing vocal mix is an even more heartfelt tribute to Mosley, with Brewis and Goodall including the words "...and a cunt!" at the close of each obit-quote verse.'