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Comic Relief - by Chris Heath
Smash Hits, April 23 1986
Comedy Babylon - by Andrew Collins
Select, March 1993
Obergrumpyfuhrer - by David Quantick
NME, 25 September 1993
Weekender - various authors
The Guardian 1994 - 1996
If It Bleeds It Leads - Chris Morris Music Show
Melody Maker, 6 June 1994
Peter's long and winding road to comedy success
The Western Mail, 3 March 1997
And here's another funny thing, why can't we make sitcoms like theirs? - by Stewart Lee
The Guardian, August 3 1998

 Hidden Archive: Eddie Monsoon
'Monsoon tries to elicit some gossip from Pellay concerning Mr Reynolds' homosexuality; in so doing, he also alludes to Roger Moore and James Caan in the same way. Libel fears?'
 Comment: TV Moments From Hell
'Ricky Gervais consolidating his 'dangerous' persona by saying he thought it was funny when the Blue Peter garden was wrecked. He's surprisingly camp for a 'hard man of comedy'. And he has beautiful eyelashes. This of course shouldn't dissuade us from hunting him down and ripping open his stomach in front of his family.'
 Archive Review: Alfresco
''s also interesting to see Fry & Laurie's recognisable sketch style emerging - great lost Laurie lines ('I suppose you think it's somehow amusing to go around saying things that are funny...' and 'Oh yes, it's very easy to use facts to support an argument') arrive on a regular basis'