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Updated March 2013
The Monkees - Head - Site Credits
This microsite is researched, written, designed and maintained by CHAMPNISS and SCOTT and forms part of Some of the Corpses are Amusing.

Massive thanks go out to:

(for the loan of the script and photocopies / cameraphone pics of various magazine articles and photos)

(for DVD dubs of long-out-of-print VHS editions and scans of rare lobby cards and other pics, despite being terribly busy)

(for Amazon-related haggling and money for tobacco)

(for being the first person ever to dub us a cassette copy of the soundtrack LP back in 1993 and generally being lovely)

(for audios, more rare photos, info and enthusiasm)

(for a rare German language edition which we'll be reviewing shortly)

We were going to include a bibliography here but pretty much all our sources are mentioned within the 'Changes' article. Andrew Sandoval's book is highly recommended of course.

Any observations, corrections, etc, can be sent to sotcaa@yahoo.co.uk or posted at this forum page.

'The Monkees' is a registered trademark owned by Rhino Inc. This site is in no way affiliated with Rhino and should be viewed as an independent academic study - a service we provide free of charge simply because we enjoy doing it and others enjoy reading it. Yeah, we know. Where's the return on that? See, I reckon if we sucked a bit more dick and voted Lib Dem we could finally get our book proposal, 'The Complete "Long Hot Satsuma" PasB Sheets' published.

This site is dedicated to John Arthur Champniss (1952 - 2008).

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