EDIT NEWS: The Jack Docherty Show
First published March 2000
The Jack Docherty Show
A chat show for people who like Jack Docherty, but don't want to watch something reallygood...like Absolutely repeats. Topical monologue wisely dropped from early shows... unfortunatelyso was Pete Baikie's house band The Petles. A post-modern, don't-give-a-fuck attitudepermeated the later, presumably contractually-obliged, editions... stepladders in shot,that sort of thing. Original jaunty sig also ditched in favour of some dirge by the bloke out ofOrange Juice. Criticised for ripping off the David Letterman format (i.e., it had a desk).

Jack Docherty's chat show was recorded at about 5pm for transmission in a late-night slot the sameevening. According to Private Eye (issue dated 19/02/99), a recording of this chat show recentlyended with Docherty saying 'In line with Channel 5 policy, it's past eleven o'clock and time forsome tatty pornography', before simulating fellatio on a pizza salesman. This was cutfrom the evening's broadcast. Although a fairly tame item, Private Eye suggested that its absencewas due to Channel 5 being criticised for including soft-core pornography in its schedules. The controller David Elstein claimed not to be worried by this, but many Channel 5 producers are apparently becoming increasingly over-zealous for fear of jeopardising the station's licence.

Some polaroids of Jack Docherty in the Absolutely offices taken for an excretable joke on Zoe Ball's The Priory. Armstrong & Miller are evident, but never mind - so are Morwenna Banks, Peter Baikie and John Sparkes. Yay.

Jack Docherty's cock © Absolutely Productions

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