Speaker Posted Mon Oct 23 17:32:29 BST 2000 by 'Dan F (BSc Politics and Economics)'

Tradition has it that the new Speaker in the House of Commons is dragged to the Chair. Dunno about that but they are certainly dragging out the process of selecting the person who will dominate TV (got to the TV connection at last) coverage of Parliament for the next decade. 5.30 and still no sign of a victor (or should that be victim).

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Posted By 'Unruly Butler' on Mon Oct 23 19:00:57 BST 2000:

Does anyone (someone with a BSc in Politics and Economics for example) know why electing the speaker does not involve a simple blind ballot?

It's now way way way late, and still no result. I'm sure the Beeb are glad they put the news back an hour. They might just catch the final nomination...

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Posted By sheep on Mon Oct 23 22:15:55 BST 2000:

It's to do with the way that they must hear each contender and then vote in a division like way (which we, the public, must not hear or see as BBC Parliament channel cuts dead during divisions). And then on to the next contender.

I'm actually split on this one - I love tradition and pointless routine, of which Parliament and the legal system have plenty of examples of, but on the other hand, I prefer fairness and simplicity, and from that angle the simple ballot would be better.

I'm confused.

Can I see that clip of Del Boy falling through the bar hatch again?

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Posted By 'Unruly Butler' on Tue Oct 24 00:22:54 BST 2000:

Yes, and here's Betty Boothroyd as a Tiller Girl on Morecombe and Wise too...

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Posted By 'Dan F' on Tue Oct 24 09:37:59 BST 2000:

I think they finally dragged the new Mr Speaker to the chair at 9.20pm. The schedulers and editors at BBC News must be kicking themselves that they moved the bulletin back an hour.

Just to explain, traditionally nobody should show willingness to become Speaker. As a representative of Parliament the occupier of the post could face death for confronting the Monarch on constitutional issues of the day. This is why the Speaker should be symbolically 'dragged' to the Chair.

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