Some unsolicited testimonials:
"A fucking good read."
Charlie Brooker (Screen Burn)
"A bit of a legendary website."
David Quantick (writer)
Matt Lucas (Little Britain)
"Myself, Brendon Burns and Andrew Maxwell all thought your site was hilarious."
Ed Byrne (comedian)
"An amazing piece of work."
Richard Herring (comedian)
"Very thorough."
Stewart Lee (comedian)
"Extremely thorough."
Al Murray (pub landlord)
"The funniest thing I've read all year."
Chris Morris (broadcaster)
"Your Edinburgh preview made me laugh like a pig."
David Tyler, (producer)
"Vicious, adolescent, and sporadically spot-on."
Tony Allen (80s alternative comedian)
"Refreshingly off-message."
Andrew Collins (writer)
"I laughed like a drain."
Emma Kennedy (actress and author)
"The funniest website about comedy you're ever likely to read."
Victor Lewis Smith (writer, producer)
"Interesting; articulate and thoughtful."
David Cann (Blue Jam)
"When's your lovely website coming back?"
Simon Pegg (Star Trek)