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March 2000
March 2000
Derek and Clive are Still Alive
March 2000
Saturday Night Fry
March 2000
Baronet Oswald Ernald Mosley
May 2004
Saturday Night Jack
January 2001
SOTCAA Mentions The Goodies
June 2008

 Comment: Positively Negative
'Everything has an equal and opposite reaction, as Einstein informed us, and we like to think he was mainly talking about reviews of The IT Crowd there.'
 Hidden Archive: Twelve Ronnies
'...enthusiastically written and excellently performed. The BBC obviously disagreed and turned it down - a decision which caused producer Jane Berthoud to fly into an uncontrollable rage at those responsible.'
 Edit News: The Monkees: Head
'What? Fourteen pages of material removed from the script by the time of the shoot? My God! Where are those fourteen pages now?? Well, they're right here as it happens...'